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Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon was born in South London, England, UK. At the tender age of 4 years old Michael and his family moved to Jamaica where he was raised in the Parish of St. Mary until he returned to the UK in 1974 at the age of 14.
With a passion for Reggae, Soul and RnB, influenced by the likes of big names in the industry such as John Holt, Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown, Slim Smith, Gregory Isaacs, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Heatwave, Earth, Wind & Fire (to name a few), Michael began practising and experimenting with his voice to some of his favourite songs by his favourite Artists.

In 1976 Michael reluctantly joined a local Reggae Band from Battersea, South London, England. Little did he know though that this band was to become well known as “The Investigators”. Lacking musical experience, Michael was encouraged by band member, Guitarist Colin Burton, to front the band as Lead Vocalist.
This was the start of something wonderful for Michael Gordon as the band moved on from strength to strength recording Lovers Rock gems such as Turn Out The Lights, Baby I’m Yours, Love Is What You Make It, Woman I Need Your Loving, Living In A World Of Magic, Summertime Blues(and many more) on their own Recording Labels “Inner City” and ”Private Eye”. All of these great songs (with the exception of “Woman I Need Your Loving”) were No.1 Hits in the UK Reggae Singles Charts. Entering the top One Hundred in the UK National Charts and climbing to No. 67, circa 1984/1985. The band with “Woman I Need Your Loving” just missed out appearing on the leading recognised television chart show in the UK (at the time), “Top Of The Pops”.
In 1985 The Investigators split and Michael was signed to UK based Label “Fashion Records” as a solo Artist in early 1986. Working with the likes of “Drummie Zeb” and “Tony Gadd” from AZWAD fame, this collaboration spawned Hit tracks such as “Magic Feelings”, “Ready And Waiting For You” and “Love Is In The Air” (to name a few), which subsequently lead to his debut album entitled “Feelings Of Love” which soared to No.1 in the UK Reggae Album Charts and remained there for some four weeks.

In 1988 Michael’s Recording Contract ended with Fashion Records, leading to him starting his own Record Label, “Sweet Freedom” in 1991. “Sweet Freedom” Records and Muzik Publishing Enterprise – The Company, released “The “Investigators Greatest Hits” package in June 1991 and within a week the Album reached No.1 in the UK Reggae Album Charts. This was a massive success for the label as the album remained at the No.1 position for 14 weeks! As a result of this success, The Investigators” reformed briefly and went on a UK Tour for a period of 18 months. After some seven years of being apart, The Investigators enjoyed their richest musical period ever, cementing “The Investigators’” music in The Hall of “Lovers Rock” Fame. Michael Gordon and “The Investigators” are widely regarded as one of the true Pioneers of the UK “Lovers Rock” phenomenon.
New Music Keep coming From Michael Gordon In 2018. Current Radio Hits So Far In 2017/18:
Produced By: Gary DigiTec Lewis & Michael Gordon

Produced By: Gary DigiTec Lewis & Michael Gordon
Produced By: Gary DigiTec Lewis & Micahael Gordon
Produced By: Stevie P Music & Michael Gordon
Produced By: Konroy Starrvybz Stephens & Michael Gordon
Produced By: Konroy Starrvybz Stephens & Michael Gordon
Produced By: Colin Mcneish & Michael Gordon
Set on a Rhythm That Re-Creates the Looooop From Angie Stone’s ‘My Sunshine/There’s No More Rain’ In This Cloud
A Rendition of Joe Cocker’s ‘Classic’ Pop Ballad
Produced By: Colin Mcneish & Michael Gordon
Other Released Singles Are:
Red Rose and Wine
Where Is the Love
Black Lives Matter
There’s a Reason
Jamaican Queen
Grenfell Tower
Ol’ Maan River
London Town
All about You
Tell Me Who
Show Me
Michael’s current CD album released (2015) Entitled: “REFLEXTIONS” – A 15 track album set which truly reflects just how much the man and his “Muzik” has evolved and grown in stature, maturity and confidence in all aspects of his work – drawing on life experiences and a sheer passion for music in general.
Previous Albums Are:
Poems and Rhymes
Changing Circles
Feeling of Love
Rootz Luvvaz
Finally, Michael has established himself as one of the UK’s most consistent, prolific, ground breaking and Original Singer/Songwriters of his generation, who is truly respected amongst his peers and fans alike and after persevering/staying in the game, now celebrates 41 Years in the UK Reggae Music Fraternity. He shows no sign of slowing down and is still as imaginative and enthusiastic as ever, with his song writing, production, creative skills and abilities that have been developed, maintained, honed and sustained over the years since 1976.