LockDown Radio UK


Presenter/Show Date Time
Jazzy Lady ‘Good Vibration Show’Sun, 27th Sep20:00-22:00
Anthony Brightly Sir George SoundSun, 27th Sep22:00-0:00
Mix and BlendMon, 28th Sep0:00-1:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaMon, 28th Sep1:00-3:00
Mix and BleandMon, 28th Sep3:00-6:00
Mix and BlendMon, 28th Sep3:00-4:00
UK VocalsMon, 28th Sep6:00-8:00
Mix & BlendMon, 28th Sep6:00-8:00
DrivetimeMon, 28th Sep8:00-10:00
R&BMon, 28th Sep10:00-12:00
UK SoulMon, 28th Sep12:00-14:00
UK ReggaeMon, 28th Sep14:00-16:00
Mix and Blend (UK & the Rest of the World)Mon, 28th Sep16:00-18:00
Countess Trinity Gospel Show'Mon, 28th Sep19:00-21:00
Selector Costas Costa VibeologyMon, 28th Sep21:00-23:00
Mix and Blend Mon, 28th Sep23:00-1:00
Mix and BlendMon, 28th Sep23:00-1:00
Mix & Blend Mon, 28th Sep23:00-0:00
Selecta Culture Pure Groove Soul ShowTue, 29th Sep0:00-2:00
New Music From JamaicaTue, 29th Sep2:00-3:00
Mix and BlendTue, 29th Sep3:00-6:00
UK VocalsTue, 29th Sep6:00-8:00
DrivetimeTue, 29th Sep8:00-10:00
Soul from Around the WorldTue, 29th Sep10:00-12:00
UK ReggaeTue, 29th Sep12:00-15:00
Black Genius Musical SplashTue, 29th Sep15:00-19:00
Selector Kinder 'Livity Show'Tue, 29th Sep19:00-21:00
Selector Jahneko 'Africa Reggae Road Show'Tue, 29th Sep21:00-23:00
Selecta Culture 'Pure Grove Soul Show'Tue, 29th Sep23:00-1:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaWed, 30th Sep1:00-3:00
Mix and Blend Wed, 30th Sep3:00-6:00
UK VocalsWed, 30th Sep6:00-8:00
DrivetimeWed, 30th Sep8:00-10:00
Direct Impact Sound SystemWed, 30th Sep10:00-12:00
UK Reggae Wed, 30th Sep12:00-14:00
UK ReggaeWed, 30th Sep14:00-16:00
Black Genius 'Musical Splash'Wed, 30th Sep18:00-20:00
DJ Silverhawk R&B and Reggae ShowWed, 30th Sep20:00-22:00
Mix and BlendWed, 30th Sep22:00-1:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaThu, 01st Oct1:00-3:00
Mix and BlendThu, 01st Oct3:00-6:00
UK VocalsThu, 01st Oct6:00-8:00
DrivetimeThu, 01st Oct8:00-10:00
UK SoulThu, 01st Oct10:00-12:00
UK SoulThu, 01st Oct12:00-14:00
UK ReggaeThu, 01st Oct14:00-16:00
Sensation 'Sweet Sensation Show'Thu, 01st Oct16:00-18:00
Selecta Culture Playing Some VibesThu, 01st Oct18:00-20:00
Lj Original 'Mix Up Soul Show'Thu, 01st Oct20:00-22:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaFri, 02nd Oct1:00-3:00
Mix and BlendFri, 02nd Oct3:00-6:00
DrivetimeFri, 02nd Oct6:00-8:00
UK SoulFri, 02nd Oct8:00-10:00
UK R&BFri, 02nd Oct10:00-12:00
UK ReggaeFri, 02nd Oct12:00-14:00
Lovers RockFri, 02nd Oct14:00-17:00
Sensation 'Soul Fusion'Fri, 02nd Oct19:00-21:00
JB Baker 'The Oldies, But Goodies Show'Fri, 02nd Oct21:00-23:00
Selecta Culture 'Playing some Vibes'Fri, 02nd Oct23:00-1:00
Mix and BlendSat, 03rd Oct0:00-1:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaSat, 03rd Oct1:00-3:00
Mix and BlendSat, 03rd Oct3:00-6:00
UK VocalsSat, 03rd Oct6:00-8:00
UK SoulSat, 03rd Oct8:00-10:00
UK ReggaeSat, 03rd Oct10:00-12:00
Lovers RockSat, 03rd Oct12:00-14:00
Lady D SelectionSat, 03rd Oct16:00-18:00
Tony GroovesSat, 03rd Oct18:00-20:00
LJ Original 'Reggae Lick Show'Sat, 03rd Oct20:00-22:00
Mr P 'In the House Show'Sat, 03rd Oct22:00-0:00
Mix and BlendSun, 04th Oct0:00-1:00
Fresh Music from JamaicaSun, 04th Oct1:00-3:00
Mix and BlendSun, 04th Oct3:00-6:00
(UK Vocals)Sun, 04th Oct6:00-8:00
Gospel Show Countess ‘Trinity Gospel Show’Sun, 04th Oct8:00-10:00
DJ Silverhawk Contemporary Gospel ShowSun, 04th Oct10:00-12:00
Lovers RockSun, 04th Oct12:00-14:00
LJ Original Sun, 04th Oct14:00-17:00
LJ OriginalSun, 04th Oct14:00-17:00
Selecta Culture ‘Throwback Show’Sun, 04th Oct17:00-20:00
Jazzy Lady ‘Good Vibration Show’Sun, 04th Oct20:00-22:00